7 Reasons Why I am Excited to go to BlogHer’14

I have been blogging since 2004 – no joke – for 10 years now. When I started out blogging I had baby Lily at home with me and traveling to conferences was just not in the budget.

Dawn Lily 2006

Dawn and Baby Lily

There were plenty of conferences that I wanted to attend and I always tried to save up enough money for the conference fees, plane ticket and hotel stay but financially it just never worked out.

One of those conferences that I wanted to go to very badly was BlogHer . I always heard (and read) many good things about it. Each year when the location for the next BlogHer was announced and I couldn’t even afford the plane ticket there.

I always ended up watching from afar as my friends went to these fun yet informative conferences and learned how to grow their blogging business.

Fast forward to this year and BlogHer will take place 2 hours from my house in San Jose, CA.  I bought my ticket and snatched up that early bird price and made it a goal to attend. No excuses this time.


Here are the 7 reasons why I am excited to go to BlogHer’14

1. Growing my business – yes having a blog is a business and if you don’t run it that way then it is just a hobby.  I can grow my business at BlogHer by meeting with brand representatives and starting new relationships with them.

These relationships will help me to get sponsored (read money) blog posts on my site.  I am also in search of bloggers that are looking for a Virtual Assistant because I do that as well.

2. Networking – BlogHer will be filled with thousands of women who blog and while I wont be able to meet them all I want to be able to meet some new bloggers and meet others that I’ve been following online.

While I have been to a few other conferences this year, those were focused on Disney as well as business but I did run into the same groups of bloggers (that I love) but I want to expand my circle.

3. Keynotes – I bought my ticket before the keynotes were even annouced but I knew that BlogHer would have an awesome line up and I was right!! I will be attending these keynotes:

The Future of the Social Web Keynote featuring Arianna Huffington

Lunch and Keynote Conversation with Activist Kerry Washington <——-yes – #Scandal #It’sHandled

4. Learning – I have been to a few conferences where I was excited to attend but then once the content was being delivered I was disappointed.

However, I have been assured from many of my friends who have attended in the past that the breakout sessions will be well worth it.  In fact I had a hard time picking my breakout sessions because there was so much to pick from.

Here is what I have decided to attend:

Breakout #1 Level Up | The Blog Monetization Landscape: Don’t Leave Money on the Table {but I also wanted to attend The Visual Web | Get Started in Video: Easy Tools and Strategies and Publishing | Getting Your First (Great) Book Deal }

Breakout # 2Writing Lab | Be Your Own Editor

Breakout #3Level Up | Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Advertising

I also want to attend the Geek Bar

5. Expo & Suite Parties – I have heard epic stories of folks coming home with tons and tons of stuff from the expo floor and suite parties, I am not going to lie – I want stuff too!  I am excited to also meet new brands and learn about their products. (yeah yeah)

6. Inspiration – While at the conference I am going to listen to a lot of presentations and meet a lot of new people. I am looking forward to these experiences and networking opportunities as a source of inspiration. I am always in awe of others success in this world.

7. Hotel Review – what? yes I am doing a hotel review with Hotel Confidential and getting paid for it.  I’ve done three reviews already this year.  They are video based, you can do them with your phone and they take just a minutes to complete.

I am ready to take my blog to the next level and I need the tools, inspiration and information to propel it there.  I feel that by attending BlogHer I will get what I need to launch my business into the stratosphere.

If you are going to BlogHer please come and say “hi” to me because I’d love to meet you. 😉

If you want to know more about BlogHer check out this story that Fox 40 in Sacramento about it here.


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